About Commander's Tech

Commander's Tech was born out of a desire to creating something tangible out of a long term fascination with history and weaponry. The internet, and before that the informal culture of gun shows and local clubs, has long been overrun with urban legends and groupthink masquerading as knowledge. Through this blog and its companion channel, we hope to dispel some of the myths, and explain how weapons and tactics actually worked, or how technologies with military application are actually used.

An area of historical weapons and tactics of particular interest to the author are the liminal spaces of military history. The late 19th century was an inbetween time for both weapons and tactics, the foundations for almost all aspects of the modern military having been laid, but the pomp and circumstance of the Napoleonic Wars and prior ages still remaining. Its fascinating contemplating a time when locomotives and the telegraph made transportation and communication faster than ever before, but armies still wore colorful dress uniforms on the field and fought in lines and squares, with sword, bayonet, and single-shot rifle against hand-cranked machine guns and breech-loading artillery.

About Me

A long time student of history, philosophy, weapons, and other arcana, Jacob has spent years building an extensive collection of weapons and militaria, as well as amassing a sizable library.

When not writing about weapons and historical tactics, Jacob works as a software developer for a fortune 500 company, and lives in a house outside of Cleveland with his wife Sarah, two young children (Paislee and Sebastien), and a dog (Watson).